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Mark and Adrienne at RemarkableArts were a joy to work with. They supported our annual conference which had traditionally been an in person but due to COVID19 was transitioned to an all digital event. They not only helped to make it seamless but they coached us through necessary planning including timelines for rehearsal, coordination with speakers, and scripting. The experience for our attendees was smooth and when we had a technical issue on our staff's end, they resolved it quickly and stepped in to turn the pause in programming into an opportunity for attendees to check-in which resulted in a rich conversation. We'd love to work with Mark and Adrienne again.

Justin Pabalate

Executive Director, WVDO-OR

United World Schools work closely in partnership with Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS) to further education in remote and very poor areas of the world.

In support of a recent event run by staff and students at BBIS, we worked with RemarkableArts to help coordinate a virtual fundraising event. The event was a great success, raising an impressive €4,000 and engaging hundreds of students and parents from the BBIS community.  RemarkableArts were well organised, well prepared and made the event easy and highly engaging to run.

We highly recommend the RemarkableArts team for supporting creative and innovative events.

Tim Howarth, UWS CEO, January 2021

Tim Howarth

Chief Executive, United World Schools

Mark and Adrienne from RemarkableArts were at the center of our incredibly successful charity fundraiser on December 5, 2020. With their expertise in orchestrating a live on-line Zoom event, the United World Schools student club was able to raise more than €4000 – more than double the amount from last time. RemarkableArts managed all the last minute tech issues and the run of show to provide the participants with a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable event for all the Art Auction and Time after Time History Mystery clue hunt. With Mark and Adrienne at the helm of so many moving pieces, I could relax and simply watch all the hard work come to fruition.

Thank you, Josselyn, UWS student club teacher leader.

Josselyn van der Pol

Secondary School IB DP CAS Coordinator, BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

If you're planning a digital event, you NEED Mark and Adrienne! Like many nonprofits, our small organization had to move our biggest event of the year online, and having the RemarkableArts as a part of our team was one of the best decisions we made. Their attention to detail, adaptability, and problem solving skills will guarantee a positive and successful event. Not to mention, they're amazing individuals and a pleasure to work with.

Kaitlin Nam

Membership Development Manager, WVDO-OR

Many thanks for making the online event incorporating the Art Auction for the BBIS fundraiser such a smooth success. It really was the most fun I've had since the pandemic prevented normal social gatherings. Despite experiencing everything through my computer, it felt like real and positive interaction with others. There were a few small technical issues which arose during the afternoon, and you dealt with them all very quickly and effectively. Not only that, your calm and clear manner helped us all to find our way through an unusual virtual landscape, your instructions and responses to queries being exactly what we needed, not more or less.

The fact that we raised over €4,000 for our partner primary school in Cambodia – more than the previous years –  is itself testament to the success of the event which Remarkable Arts made happen.

It was easy and enjoyable working with you, and I hope you have many similar further successes.

Best wishes, Martin Milner
(co-host of the Music Breakout Room)

Martin Miller

Secondary School Teacher of Humanities, BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

I had the pleasure of working with Mark and Adrienne as they led a diverse group of contributors in creating an exciting “Mystery Quest” that interwove real history with fantasy and imagination.  They were so eager to work on the project with students, parents, and teachers alike, and what I really loved was the openness they exhibited throughout the entire creative process. I never felt like I was stepping on anyone's toes if I suggested an idea, and the whole experience was an illustration of true teamwork and collaboration.  I have to be honest – most of the people I know who attended the final online event have never seen such a seamless display of technical wizardry… I look forward to seeing more creations from Remarkable Arts!

Gillian Hargreaves

Co-Chair, BBIS Parent Teacher Association

An incredibly engaging event filled with fun, mystery and a touch of trivia! Thank you to the fabulous team at Conundrum House for facilitating this incredible event that allowed Berlin Brandenburg International School to connect and celebrate, with the added bonus of a hugely successful fundraiser for ‘United World Schools' in Cambodia. One of the true highlights of 2020!

Aisha Kristiansen

Educational Technology Integrator, BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School GmbH

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