Causing Hearts to Soar and Minds to Ignite.

Elegant and engaging projects freeing Hearts to Soar and Minds to Ignite.

Product and Project Development – leveraging the Arts & Technology to create experiences that inspire you and make a difference for your communities.

Exquisite Artistry & Craftsmanship

Fine Art. Photography. Crafts. Literature. Performance. Curation. Exhibition. Distribution. Artist Support.

Elegant, Intelligent Design

Elegance in Design and Function. Maleable Technology. Empowering Creative Thinkers & Doers. Entrepreneurship.

Unforgettable Experiences

Extraordinary immersive experiences that delight, inform and transform! LARPs, Auctions, Farm Stays, Labs and More!

Empowered Entrepreneurship

Business curriculums for artists, makers and creators in multiple disciplines and genres. Crowdfunding coaching and consulting.

Sharing & Conserving Resources

Resources we all need but do not use 100% of the time—business services, office equipment, car sharing, tools, crowdsourcing.

Community Collaboration

Volunteerism, masterminds, neighborhood projects, social and non-profit fundraising, community art.

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