Our Brands

Partners in business and life, Adrienne Fritze and Mark van der Pol founded RemarkableArts as a vehicle for sharing their passions and talents with the world. Adrienne is a business advisor, artist, writer, and producer. Mark is an Internet of Things software engineer, inventor, photographer and writer. Together, and in the company of other multi-talented creators, Mark and Adrienne offer ways for you to play, work, thrive and be alive in ways that are meaningful to you.

The very unusual and unprecedented Summer of 2020 we also participated in the Corvallis RAINmaker Sales and Marketing Entrepreneurial Accelerator intensive training, which included a 60 second elevator pitch  – out of 70 particpating companies, Mark won! The pitch is below.

Black Ink Mysteries™

A Black Ink Mysteries™ party or event are live-action role playing experiences where YOU become the characters who are suspects, witnesses, legal eagles or sleuths!

We offer bookcase mysteries, dinner games and large fundraising events where EVERY participant is a character in an original mystery created by Black Ink Mysteries.

Conundrum House™ Library, Game Room & Gallery

Conundrum House™ Library, Game Room & Gallery is the quintessential showroom for many of RemarkableArts' products. The library focuses entirely on mystery offerings – books, puzzles, games, dinner party plays and Black Ink Mysteries bookcase games. The gallery features the photography and artworks of co-founders Mark van der Pol and Adrienne Fritze.


Clever, delightful. Fun. Unique. No moving parts. No buttons, dials. Like art. MOMA. Coveting the thing. Tactile.

Empty & Meaningless: the Box Project™

Empty & Meaningless: the Box Project (E&M) uses conversation and collage to transform relationships in a safe, empowering, healing atmosphere. E&M offers displays and performances that inspire dialogue about our cultural growth, resulting in the experience of personal peace, fulfillment and vitality.

Elevator Pitch

This is the winning Elevator Pitch at the 2020 RAINmaker Sales and Marketing Accelerator! After 10 delightful weeks discovering how specifically I had been doing it just a teeny bit not exactly right, I took the coaching and got on the elevator…

I know, it doesn't explain all of what we could do for you and your enterprise, but it does give you a bit of the flavour of it.

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