Vision: Evolution of Applied Human Being.

Applying technology and the arts to transforming human being.


Through Art/Technology/Play, create products and services that delight, entertain, and challenge people and communities to discover and experience transformation, and, in the process enliven and empower them fostering harmony and wonder in the world.

Our products offer people a paradigm shift in how we view and experience life.

Exquisite Artistry & Craftsmanship

Elegant, Intelligent Design

Unforgettable Experiences

Empowered Entrepreneurship

Sharing & Conserving Resources

Community Collaboration

Structure of the Enterprise


Endeavors arise from and are incepted in the clearings that are the Enterprise. They are born to fulfill our promises and commitments as codified in this RemarkableArts Possibility Manifesto expressed as our Vision, Mission and Values.

Our manifesto informs all of our endeavors.

Individual endeavors inherent the enterprise possibility manifesto and expand it, creating their own unique possibility manifesto, expressing the unique parameters of operation and conditions for success of that endeavor.

Generally, the sense of each endeavor can be viewed as causing transformation through art and play, or tools for causing transformation that embody art and play.


We hold that everything we do is foremost sourced by a possibility, and staying present to that possibility fosters and engenders actions and openings for action that would be absent if all that was stated was an outcome, or a goal.

Our clearings embody that point of view by being named after, and naming, the possibility each is designed to cause.

Discovery and Play (D&P)
(Research & Development)

Critical to the fulfillment of our Enterprise is Discovery and Play – both the actions of Discovery and Play, as well as the creation of Discovery and Play. It is in Discovery and Play that new endeavors may be revealed and explored – discovering needs people didn’t know they had – and in play, be free from the constraints of the past which limit people’s self expression and freedom.

Enrollment and Registration (E&R)
(Marketing & Sales)

Fundamental to the fulfillment of our Enterprise is the expression of our mission in the world, and the participation of the world in our mission. The world is currently mostly concerned with outdated models of participation – what are you selling? what is in it for me? and creating Enrollment and Registration is an access to evolving those models of participation.
Everyone participating is the Evolution of Applied Human Being.

Delight and Satisfaction (D&S)
(Human Resources)

The fulfillment of our Enterprise is carried out by human beings, and in this clearing we create satisfaction and delight for those human beings as they carry out the mission and endeavors of the Enterprise.

Listening and Delivery (L&D)

Naturally the Enterprise operates in external conditions and in order to fulfill on the Enterprise this clearing creates a listening for those external conditions and creates the delivery of our mission and endeavors correlate with those external conditions.

Abundance and Harmony (A&H)
(Financial & Legal)

As fundamental values of our Enterprise, this clearing is accountable to ensure that internal and external relationships and interactions always foster abundance and harmony.

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