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Human Evolution through Creativity & Innovation

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Love is the Key.

We aren't referring to an emotion when we say our foundation is Love. Oh no, we're talking about Love as a Commitment and a Declaration about the state of our world, our lives, our future.

A Closer Look

Our Interests

Exquisite Artistry & Craftsmanship

Fine Art. Photography. Crafts. Literature. Performance. Curation. Exhibition. Distribution. Artist Support.

Elegant, Intelligent Design

Elegance in Design and Function. Maleable Technology. Empowering Creative Thinkers & Doers. Entrepreneurship.

Unforgettable Experiences

Escape Rooms. LARP Mysteries. Online Real-time Adventures. Join Black Ink—you will never be hte same again.

Empowered Entrepreneurship

Business curriculums for artists, makers and creators in multiple disciplines and genres. Crowdfunding coaching and consulting.

Sharing & Conserving Resources

Resources we all need but do not use 100% of the time—business services, office equipment, car sharing, tools, crowdsourcing.

Community Collaboration

Voliunteerism, masterminds, neighborhood projects, social and non-profit fundraising, community art.


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