RemarkableArts Commercial Curation Program

This program provides curator services to businesses and organizations who want fine art and photography on a rotating basis.

The process/parameters of the program are

  1. Once contracted, our lead curator conducts a thorough interview with the hiring organization's decision maker(s), We do this to create an exhibition profile specific to the organization's Vision and business needs. The interview contains a needs assessment comprised of specific criteria and goals to define the parameters of the resulting exhibition program.
  2. If appropriate, RemarkableArts will conduct a survey of the organizations customer stakeholders. The form of the survey may include: face to face, multiple choice paper, electronic via website, or on camera.
  3. From these two research processes RemarkableArts creates a curation program outline and structure to be reviewed by the client and modified if necessary.


The program document is the blueprint that determines:

  1. The what, how, who, when, why and where of the exhibits.
  2. The level of involvement the client wishes to have
  3. The responsibilities of RemarkableArts and the Client, including, but not limited to:
    1. Hanging the work
    2. Ownership
    3. Insurance
    4. Sales/commissions & requests
    5. Delivery & pick-up schedules
    6. Signage
    7. Promotional aspects: artist talks, workshops, public &/or private forums, opening receptions, closing rec’s, etc

Teaching/training aspects:

RemarkableArts will have at least one professional working with it’s interns to fulfill the agreement. If there are no interns available, RemarkableArts will open the internship to other schools and arts-based organizations. In the event no students are participating the RemarkableArts partners or staff will fulfill on the commitment.

The eligibility to exhibit in any of the RemarkableArts curated shows is defined on a case-by-case basis, and is included in the design of the organization's Curatorial Brief.

RemarkableArts charges a minimum $500 project initiation fee. All other fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and is heavily dependent on the following deliverables:

Basic Deliverables:

  1. Internal interviews with up to two Stakeholders
  2. Curatorial Brief
  3. Delivery and pick-up of artwork
  4. Recruitment of artists – jurying
  5. Hang the Show
  6. Labeling

Other services could include:

  1. Professional hanging
  2. Regional and National artist recruiting
  3. Event planning
  4. PR/Promotions Management
  5. Event Management
  6. Workshops design facilitation
  7. Artist talks
  8. Sales management
  9. Interviews with additional stakeholders
  10. Customer surveys
  11. Custom exhibit signage
  12. Creative services
  13. Project management or coordination
  14. Recruiting a Jury

Discounts are available for non-profits or clients signing long-term services (12 months or more)




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